William Carey Christian School in Laos

This was William Carey Christian Schools’ first trip with World Horizons and their first journey overseas. The whole school embraced the trip with parents, students and teachers all getting involved to raise money for both the William Carey students traveling and for community service project they would be involved in.

All funds raised by WCCS went directly to assist in the education of children in remote regions of Northern Laos. During the cycling trip from Pakbeng to Nong Kiau Lao text books, along with stationery brought from Australia, was distributed to small communities and schools.

All the schools selected to receive assistance had very short supplies of text books. In many cases three to four students had to make do with one book between them. In other places they were completely without texts books. William Careys’ gifts brought a smile to many a small face during its visit to these needy communities.

World Horizons would like to make special mention of WCCS teacher Skye Russell for showing such superb leadership qualities during the tour. She was a pleasure to travel with along with all the other teachers of William Carey, who brought an exceptional energy and enthusiasm to the trip.

Finally World Horizons would like to congratulate William Carey Christian School for helping so generously those in real need, and we look forward to traveling with them in the future.
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