WH School Tour Programmes


Our School Programmes are experiential journeys that focus upon travel, cultural exchange, adventure and community service. Participants travel as a group of students, teachers, and in some cases parents, and are accompanied by one of World Horizons professional and experienced guides.

Fostering the opportunity to develop a sense of intercultural understanding and respect is a critical part of our programmes. In this we hope it might enable all our travellers to see the world with more open and enquiring minds.

As a diverse group of individuals the team at World Horizons all share a common passion for travel, and a commitment to providing the most rewarding experiences possible.

Making a Difference

In partnership with our associate schools and organisations World Horizons have been assisting communities in developing countries for many years – to date contributing over $350,000 to various projects in Nepal, Ladakh (India), Laos, Kenya and Cambodia. In short we have been part of…

  • Operating Dental Clinics & Medical Camps
  • Supplying Educational Resources
  • Establishing Teacher Training Programmes in Rural Communities
  • Providing Scholarships
  • Building Schools
  • Improving Basic Infrastructure

Each school that travels with us takes on a project, and is guided by World Horizons to decide what will suit them best.


Staff at World Horizons have been managing overseas expeditions since 1988. In each country we have our own office and emergency backup procedures in place. Our office staff in Australia are also ready to act if required. On all expeditions we carry extensive first aid kits and have well rehearsed evacuation plans in place. A full risk assessment is prepared for each trip and a copy forwarded to your school. World Horizons also carry full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.


Programmes can be scheduled for any school holiday period. Costs vary depending on which destination you choose, but typically our programmes will come in between $4500 to $6000. This will generally include everything with very little extra to pay.


World Horizons include the costs of at least two teachers to accompany each tour group. These teachers also act as our contact to help organise and promote the programme within the school. On tour it’s a teachers role to ensure students adhere to any school policies relating to overseas travel and behaviour in general, while it’s your World Horizons Guide that looks after all the logistical matters along with our office staff on the ground in each country.

Getting Started

The first step is to call or email our office so that one of our staff can guide you through the process, answer your questions and help you decide what destination and time of year to travel might suit you best. We can then draw up a trip proposal outlining the programme in detail, and arrange a time for one of our team to call at your school to discuss the proposal and answer questions.

Once the trip has been approved we’ll then provide all the promotional materials required to get the trip up and running; things such as posters, articles for your school newsletter and so forth. World Horizons are also able to run presentation evenings at your school to generate interest and explain the programme in detail. For each programme a Trip Dossier is provided thats outlines all details for parents & students.

World Horizons office also takes care of all booking & administrative duties in relation to the programme, and regularly reports to the contact teacher during the process. Finally a World Horizons Rep will come to your school for a pre trip meeting to go over the tour in detail, hand over travel documents and answer any last questions.


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