Somerset Student Lisa Hamilton Reflects on Nepal

Nepal has changed my life. Just like they said it would. Not only was it a fun time but it left us asking ourselves questions, for some their questions were different from others. I’m sure John wanted to know why, we cant have popcorn for dinner here in Australia but what I want to know is why are they so happy when over half their country is under the poverty line? Why don’t the kids complain when their parents ask them to go cut grass for three hours, when at home here, kids can’t tear themselves away from a gripping episode of ‘Neighbours’, to help their parents cook dinner? And why is it that to keep kids amused here parents have to buy them an X-Box or the Internet or a mobile phone yet in Nepal the children would have hours of fun, kicking around a ball of grass? I admit, that once I was one of those kids, that complained and nagged for the latest fashion but after Nepal I don’t see the point after I have witnessed how little these people have yet how big their hearts really are. I don’t know if my questions will ever be answered or if I already know the answer, but one thing I know for sure is that I will never forget the time that I have spent in Nepal, for such a small country it has so many big things to offer.

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