Nepal Medical Camp 2010

With over 1200 patients through the ‘doors’ in 6 days the CETOP team of 16 volunteers from Australia and the UK, along with 15 Nepalese medical and dental professionals, worked tirelessly to provide one of the most comprehensive camps ever seen in the district.

In total we saw 1281 patients for ailments ranging from sore backs and tooth aches to hernia’s and abscesses. The dental team alone saw 429 patients and performed 551 different procedures; including extractions, fillings and also provided oral heath instruction to a number of patients.

The general and gynecological practitioners of the expedition saw a huge number of patients – 712 in total. These for the most part had chronic conditions such as joint pain, back pain, and gastritis. On the gynecological side there were many patients with vaginal prolapse for which the interim management is a ring pessary supplied by the Nepali government.

On the surgical side of the camp the team performed 92 operations including 32 cutaneous lesions, lipomas & cysts, 28 hydroceles, 20 Inguinal hernias, 3 abscess drainages, 7 wound debridement’s & 2 circumcisions.

A special thanks to all those in CETOP who made this project possible and my good friend and surgeon Ishtiaq Ahmed for all his hard work before and during the camp. Personally this was one of the most rewarding and worthwhile ventures I’ve been involved in for a long time.

Matthew Swait

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