Medical Camps

Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world, with a doctor population ratio of 1:21000. Most of these doctors are concentrated in the city. The number of surgeons is even more limited with most of these again working in the major city of Kathmandu.

There are many health issues facing people in rural Nepal. The following conditions are very common in Nepal – they are also quite curable given the right expertise and access to appropriate surgical procedures.

Prolapse: Imagine suffering daily shame, financial hardship, bladder damage, incontinence, cancer, and rejection by your husband, repeated infections, poor hygiene and social isolation. For many Nepali women these are ongoing realities. At least 9 percent of Nepali women are suffering from uterus prolapse, the terrible legacy of carrying large weights from a young age and repeated childbirths with little medical care. Very rare in Western countries, prolapse is common in Nepal. Although it is treatable, for most poor women this is a costly dream.

Hydrocele: Hydrocele is an excess collection of fluid in the scrotum and in some cases causes excruciating pain, or becomes so large it makes clothing uncomfortable. When cases reach these advanced stages treatment is necessary.

Hernia: A hernia is the protrusion of organs, such as intestines, through a weakened section of muscular tissue or membrane. If left untreated, the split in the muscle widens and greater amounts of tissue or organs are pushed through the opening, forming a sac. This both an extremely painful condition to live with, and if left untreated can lead to major organ dysfunction.

To help address some of these problems CETOP sponsored two medical camps in remote areas of Nepal to the north of Kathmandu. The first was in the small village of Jhib Jhibe in Dec 2007, and the second in Jan 2010 at Deurali Hospital. Medical professionals & volunteers from both Australia and the UK joined these expeditions and worked along side Nepalese Surgeons and Nurses.

Our next camp is still to to be finalised but we are looking at Nov 2013 as a possible at this stage. To find out more please contact us.

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