Cranbrook Junior School

This years 2014 April trip to Nepal was my fourth in as many years with the parents and students of Cranbrook Junior School. Just as their predecessors the group fully embraced the community service side by putting in an amazing fund raising effort before leaving for Nepal. As a result Cranbrook Junior School was able to continue its teacher training programme in the region. A fantastic initiative that was started last year, providing four rural Nepalese schools with a real opportunity to develop and improve the skills base of their teachers. The programme will also make a number of major classroom changes within the schools to improve the learning experience of the students.

In my opinion this is one of the most significant contributions to be made in this region for along time. And demonstrates a very sound understanding for the need of a responsible and ongoing approach to development and community support with the resources at hand. The group also officially opened the 4th Cranbrook Junior School Dental Camp that treated over 400 patients. For many villagers this was their first opportunity to see a dentist. Something most of us take for granted, while in Nepal it’s something most will never experience.

As always the highlight for many were the visits to the schools, along with the two nights in the village of Jhib Jhibe at the camping ground of World Horizons Balaram Neupane and family. Milking cows, village walks, school visits, mural painting, relaxing in the sun, and just observing the myriad aspects of village life were some of the memorable moments for the parents and students during these days. On our last night, under stars in the courtyard of Balaram’s house, we were treated to a mesmerising and enchanting performance of song and dance by the villagers of Jhib Jhibe. Many were left spell bound, some in tears. It was a fitting finale to a wonderful adventure, into a world that offers us so much more than we sometimes realise.

Matthew Swait

World Horizons


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