BMGS in Nepal

This Blue Mountains Grammar trip was an outstanding success. The student’s enthusiasm, along with their conduct on tour, proved them worthy ambassadors for both the Blue Mountains and as young Australians overseas. BMGS’s fund raising was also a major achievement and will go along way to help those in need. The trek was also a new challenge, with many students and parents climbing to around 4500 metres on the very spectacular ridge line of Mardi Himal. World Horizons would also like to make a special mention of the contribution made by Grammar teacher Mr Bruce Stevenson, both before and during the trip. Bruce worked so hard with all the students to enthuse and help raise money for the village of Jhib Jhibe to the north of Kathmandu.

The following is an overview of the where the funds were allocated and how it will positively affect so many lives in the small rural village. When converted from AUD’s the total amount from BMGS came to 621 000 Nepalese Rupees. This would take the average male in Jhib Jhibe around 70 years to earn.

When any funds come into a village World Horizons first consult with the local VDC (Village Development Committee) to determine the priorities for development within the community. As always we have certain projects that we like to assist (mainly educational needs within the community), but by and large the VDC decides where the vast majority of the funds will go. This trip the VDC decided that the bulk of the funds should go to the continual construction of the new hospital.

During the visit student representatives Jessie Burkett and Russell Taylor made a donation of 450 000 Rupees to the Head of the Medical Facility Dr Sanhil Gupta. These funds will go toward the construction of new hospital buildings and infrastructure on land already purchased through donations of previous trips. It was a very sobering moment for many of the students as they wandered through the extremely dark, primitive medical facility in place at the moment.

As well as this major contribution many other individuals, groups and schools, also benefited from the remaining funds donated by BMGS.
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